Zen Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The kitchen is an extremely important part of the house, and in this room you need to feel relaxed in order to prepare the best food possible. A Zen kitchen is the ideal kitchen to have, and if you want to have a Zen kitchen but you don’t know how to decorate it, read this article to find out some interesting ideas.

The kitchen is an extremely important room, and seeing how a lot of time is spent in it, it’s preferable to have a kitchen in which cooking will become a pleasurable activity instead of being a drag. The best design for a kitchen if you want to make it a peaceful and harmonious place is to give it a calming Zen design and to decorate it accordingly. Read the following lines if you want to find out some useful and interesting decorating ideas to make the perfect Zen kitchen in which preparing food will definitely be enjoyable.

Use plants to make it more tranquil

When decorating a Zen kitchen, you have to place plants wherever you can.
Buy a lot of clean looking white containers, put your favorite plants in them, and place at least one container on every counter, at the windows, and on the table to give an extra sense of tranquility to the kitchen. Due to the fact that this type of kitchen implies that it has to be well lightened, it’s the ideal place for the plants to grow in, therefore you should exploit this as mush as possible.

Use the color green as much as possible

The perfect combination for a Zen kitchen is white and green, therefore you could either paint the walls in a lively green color, and make the floors white, or you could paint the walls white, and place a playful and interesting grass colored linoleum on the kitchen floor. If you go with white paint for the walls, you should place neat green decorations on the walls, like family photos framed with the color green, or you could hang a small green clock.

Japanese-style cabinet doors

One of the main traits of a Zen kitchen is that it has to be as free as possible, to not encounter any obstacles when you are inside it, and cabinet doors that open on the exterior are a problem for a Zen kitchen. Instead of going for the old fashioned cabinet doors, in order to have a truly Zen kitchen, you should use Japanese-style cabinet doors, meaning that the doors are opened and closed by sliding the door. This doesn’t only save a lot of space and looks a lot better, but it’s safer as well, because there won’t be any doors to hit yourself in if you aren’t paying attention. In addition, if you have small children, Japanese-style cabinet doors are a heaven sent, because due to them, the kitchen becomes a safer place for them to enter in.