Ways to make your home comfortable for your grandparents

You may have noticed your grandparents have started to lose balance and strength. As you already know, they are common consequences of aging, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy to live with them. In fact, for them is frustrating to fail to complete most daily chores by themselves because even the slightest effort can prove dangerous for them due to the increased likelihood of falls.

If they’re living with you, the changes in their mobility can make your house feel like a dangerous place. However, it doesn’t mean you should send them away, it’s best to research how you can make the house feel more comfortable for them to live with the ones who love them. This article includes some guidelines on how to alter the environment to ease your grandparents’ life.

Remove tripping hazards

Falls can trigger serious injuries even for healthy individuals, but for a senior they can cause long term pains. Sometimes a simple fail can result in a life-threatening injury and even death. Fortunately, you can make your house safer with some adjustments, to prevent trips. Work with a hjemmetjenester to identify the dangers lurking around and remove them. Start with taking away the rugs from the floor, and any other item that can make them trip over. Move the furniture close to the walls to create large pathways your grandparents can easily navigate.

Install better lighting

Adequate lighting is vital for your grandparents, especially when their eyesight fails to help them. Make sure all rooms are well lit, and they can easily access the turn of switch to light up a room when they enter. A private omsorgstjenester Oslo can help you pick light bulbs that make the home comfortable and pleasant for your seniors. Put bright lights close to stairs and hallways and add extra lamps on the exterior. Motion-sensor lights are also a good investment.

Replace traditional appliances with easy-to-use ones

Most seniors find difficult to use modern appliances. Even if you find it hard to believe, a piece of equipment that seems user-friendly for you, is too complex for them to figure out. Especially as their eyesight declines, they’ll find it challenging to turn on specific appliances. It’s a great idea to hire bpa to help them use appliances if you cannot switch for easy-to-use alternatives.

If you can replace the existing appliances with new ones, get ones that have programmed buttons, and automatic shut-off characteristics to make sure they don’t stay on if the grandparents forget to turn them out.     

Renovate the bathroom

Most elders fall in the bathroom especially when they have poor balance and strength. If you update the bathroom to fit their needs you support their independence and reduce the risk of them getting hurt while taking a bath. Install grab bars in the shower and close to the toilet to help them stan up. Also, replace the bathtub with a shower to prevent falls when entering and exiting bath. Non-slip mats are also a great addition because they prevent slipping when it’s water around the room.