Understanding Medical Negligence

When you want to make a medical negligence claim, you must make sure that you fully understand everything these claims involve. What is defined by lawyers and attorneys as medical negligence and whether or not your particular circumstances fall into this category? And the best place to seek help and advice is, obviously, a personal injury lawyer or attorney. However, we’ll be debating the topic in the following paragraphs to offer you a better insight into this matter.

Q: What legal standard is used when medical staff is being sued for malpractice?

A: When a nurse or a doctor is sued for malpractice, they are virtually sued for negligence. The term means the following, from a medical point of view.

An act a normal and prudent person wouldn’t do or the failure to do something a reasonable and prudent person would. Basically, medical negligence is the failure to use ordinary or reasonable circumstances and act accordingly. Miami injury lawyer practitioners define this principle as the Ordinary Reasonable Prudent Person Rule.

Q: When is a patient able to sue for negligence?

A: Medical staff can be sued for negligence in case they conduct an action that inflicts injury to a patient of fails to meet the medical standard care-wise. Whether the medical staff fails to provide proper care and treatment for a patient or they fail to properly diagnose them, everything can be defined as malpractice.

Q: Can I just ask for monetary compensation if I think I’m a malpractice victim?

A: Most likely not, as this would mean that the medical staff has to fully agree and recognize the fact that they committed medical negligence. However, if the medical staff or hospital agrees to these facts, there won’t be a lawsuit, the patient being entitled to receive a rightful compensation established together with their attorney or lawyer.

However, most commonly than not, the medical staff or doctors won’t admit to these facts and the patient will have to prove their accusations.

Q: What do I need to prove as a former patient and malpractice victim during a claim?

A: There are certain elements that former patients, now malpractice victims have to prove to be successful in their claim. It is their responsibility to prove that the doctor, medical staff or hospital are those guilty of their current state and damages suffered.

  • You must prove that the medical staff or doctor had a duty to you directly.
  • If the medical duty exists, the claimant has to expose the appropriate standard of care.
  • Once the standard of care is defined, the victim must prove that there was a rule, practice or standard was breached in the medical act.
  • They also have to prove that the breach directly caused the damages or injuries.
  • The claimant has to prove which are the damages in the discussion, in this case.

In the process, the victim is responsible to provide proof for each element. Facts and evidence are always necessary. If you can’t support one single element, your claim will be dismissed. This is why you should rely on a malpractice lawyer for this purpose.