Tips for increasing the space in your storage unit


Everybody who considers increasing the available space in their homes opts, obviously for storage units. But when the space in your storage unit seems to run out, what do you do? You make intelligent choices and you maximize the existing one. Besides choosing some roomy storage units Edmonton located, below you will find some of the best tips for making the most out of those.

Get the unit that you need

Many think that by choosing whatever storage unit, they make a wise choice and they’ll be able to store all their belongings in an efficient fashion. However, this is not the case, since many seem to choose way to small units for their needs. Before renting a unit of this kind, assess carefully the volume of belongings, as well as their type, they you will be storing in the unit. For instance, if you won’t be storing valuable items, there is no point in investing in a unit with climate control. On the other hand, if you’ll store items that are sensitive, you’d might want to spare some extra bucks and keep those into a perfect form.

Vertical racks make a great investment

 If you know that you’ll need to store a large volume of items in your self-storage unit, then consider investing in vertical racks. Storage racks like these will increase the space vertically, and they will make access considerably easier. Also, by investing into such storage systems, you will be sure that all your items will be properly stored, and as a bonus, that you’ll be able to save plenty of floor space. Also, since you’re investing in these storage systems, a plan for the long haul won’t hurt. Think about what items you will need to access more frequently and organize those accordingly. Rotating your items seasonally is also a great idea to keep the space clean, tidy and organized.

Label all your boxes

When you bring your items in the unit, most probably you will still be able to remember what each box contains. But as time passes by, the memories will fade and you will find yourself in the unpleasant situation in which you’ll have to go through each box in order to find the item needed. So, when organizing your boxes, put general labels on each of those, such as “Sheets”, “Blankets”, “Toys” etc. also, keep in mind that your heaviest boxes should be stacked the lowest.

Fill in your furniture

Dressers, drawers, they all can save you plenty of space if you fill their drawers with carious items. Consider this option if you will be storing furniture pieces in your self-storage unit.

These are some pieces of advice that will certainly help you to maximize the available space even in the smallest unit. Keep in mind that everything can be adapted to your particular needs. Assess those and put into practice whatever combination that works for you.