Three places you must not miss when cleaning the house

Cleaning the house is a task all house owners need to deal with. As unpleasant as it is, it is something you cannot neglect for long if you want to live in a safe, clean and welcoming space. Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of solutions and devices you can use, so that everything is much easier. Here are three places you will not want to miss, if you want to make your house look perfectly:

  1. The windows

Windows are one of the elements people see even before entering the house. Everyone likes to see shiny windows, which is why you should not neglect yours when cleaning. Experts claim that washing them twice a year should be enough, so make sure you do not do this too often because you may end up having some windows that lacks shine. Another thing that you probably did not know is that glass should not be rubbed: this only creates small scratches (because you take dirt particles from one part to another) and adds static charge, which only attracts dust. This is probably why your windows look dirty again, although you have just finished cleaning them. If you want to perform the task like a pro, another tip you should know is that you have to purchase specialized solutions and pieces of equipment: ladders, buckets, squeegee, sprays and water fed poles. You will find all these if you visit

  1. The carpets

Believe it or not, carpets are one of the dirtiest surface in your house. People coming in and out without always taking their shoes off means that in time, the carpet accumulates a lot of dirt that cannot be seen with the bare eyes. That is why you must make sure these are properly cleaned, regularly. To this end, you can either hire a specialized cleaning company, or you can learn how to take care of the task yourself. If your budget do not allow you to collaborate with an expert, then you will have to invest in professional supplies. You already probably have a vacuum machine, and that is good, because vacuuming is the first step towards sanitary mats. Once the large pieces of dirt are removed, you can use a steaming machine to eliminate small particles hidden inside the carpets’ fibres. This way, you make sure they remain neat, so that your family can enjoy a safe living space.

  1. The kitchen

Although this place is most of the times exclusively dedicated to your family members, it needs to be one of the most sanitary spaces of the entire house. The kitchen is where you prepare the meals and you eat, so make sure everything is in perfect condition. Wash the dishes and wipe the sink regularly, because there is where a lot of bacteria can accumulate. If you use a dishwasher, then remember that it also needs cleaning and maintenance, so at least once ca month run a special cleaning solution through it, to prevent limestone emergence. Purchase only solutions that do not consist in chemicals or toxins.