Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Trampoline

Buying a trampoline is a matter of research and documentation because it’s a huge investment and you need to be sure you made the right choice. Hoping that these tips will help you decide on the ideal trampoline for you and your family, it just remains to choose the proper one and have fun using it.

We all know that trampolines are a fun way to spend your free time. A trampoline is not just a child’s dream but also an adult’s one. You have to admit that you would like to relax in a “childish” manner, jumping on a trampoline. But who says that trampolines are designed just for kids? Except for the fun, they are also a good way to do sport, exercise and reduce stress. But do you know all the needed details when buying a trampoline? Do you know which is the best for you, or you just buy it no matter its model? Follow the next steps and find the suitable trampoline for you and your dear ones.

The space in your home

Maybe one of the most important features to take into consideration before purchasing a trampoline. Usually, trampolines occupy a lot of space, so this is why it is important to know if a trampoline can fit in our houses. In order to do this, we must measure the yard and make sure that there is a wide and clean surface. Moreover, the space must be flat and clear, because a trampoline firstly has to be safe. Trampolines are available in many sizes so there won’t be a problem when choosing it, but you must know the size that fits your yard or garden. The number of users is also important because if you have a big family and everyone will use it you obviously have to buy a bigger one.

Is my trampoline safe?

When it comes to safety we have to be very careful, we must assure that our trampoline is safe and our kids are not in danger when jumping on it.  Anyway, trampolines nowadays have a lot of safety measures incorporated, all you have to do is to make sure that you buy the trampoline that has all of them. The most common safety elements are safety pads, gap-free enclosures, strong frame, and rustproof springs. You have to know that if you buy it for kids it must have a handlebar because it offers more safety when they balance and it is more stable. Also, a mat area would be great. Regarding all these elements, it will be easier for you to buy the safest trampoline.

Users and weight limit

The model of your trampoline also leans on people that use it. Will it be used by kids or the whole family? Here comes the trampoline weight limit, which is established on how heavy you are and how high you jump. This way you won’t fall out of the trampoline. So, when you know the number of users that will jump on it, you can buy a proper trampoline.

Types to choose from

Usually, on the market, there are two types of trampolines: the classic spring based ones and the current springless ones. The old ones use metal wind arch, the metal frame is situated at the same level as the jumping area, and they have rigid poles and net. Springless trampolines use soft stems that are located below the jumping area, they have a hidden frame, and a flexible enclosure that prevents falls. As we have mentioned before, a trampoline has to be safe before being fun.

Trampolines and winter season

In most cases, trampolines are kept outside and we may worry about winter because it may ruin it. In this case, how can we protect our trampoline from freeze and cold? The new springfree trampolines make it easy for you because they are made to stand the rough circumstances and they are very reliable. Their safety enclosure and soft mat are UV resistant so they protect it from the sun. The glass stems avoid the trampoline from rusting so you can keep your trampoline all year long in sun, rain or snow.

The warranty

At long last, a significant feature when buying a trampoline is its warranty. The warranty plays a great role because if it gets broken you can go and change some parts of it without paying anything. Even though you may buy the adequate one, it happens that its parts get damaged. It’s good to know that trampolines have warranties for some months to maximum a year, so this may help you fix it. In this case, make sure that the trampoline you buy comes with a warranty certificate.