The Innovations in High Rise Window Washing

If you want to know which are the latest innovations in cleaning the high rise buildings, look no further. This article will tell you more details about the automatic window cleaning that leaves the windows spot-free while keeping you safe to enjoy the view.

Working or living in a high rise building has some pretty great benefits, one of them being the stunning view. Standing above the other buildings and enjoying the amazing view is definitely quite impressive, but to be able to admire the surroundings, the windows should be always clean. This is one of the drawbacks of such buildings because cleaning the windows is quite dangerous, even for a professional. While many building managers hire window cleaning services to perform this task, things get a little more complicated when you actually live in a high rise building and you don’t have enough money to hire a professional. In order to make things easier for both companies and home owners, the technology offers us some solutions to this issue. One innovative solution is to get the help of a professional window cleaning system or to invest in a window cleaning robot that can automatically clean the windows. Now let’s find out how these systems work.

Robotic Window Cleaner

A robotic window cleaner can easily carry out the window cleaning task very efficiently, leaving the glass sparkles clean with little intervention on your part. Such a robot is perfect for home owners because they don’t have many windows to clean. The robotic cleaning represents the future and while now many people are skeptical about this technology, in several years, things will definitely change. A window cleaning robot is both performant and innovative, being able to scrub and clean many types of glasses without requiring your help. Due to the fact that such robots use suction to stick to windows, it remains there until it finishes the job, cleaning large or small windows from edge to edge. Additionally, it comes with many features that are meant to improve its efficiency and increase the safety, so you can rest assured when using it. This makes the robot the perfect solution to clean out-of-reach windows and fortunately, the manufacturers work to improve this technology so you can enjoy better performance. Among the most important features of a window cleaning robot are the edge and obstacle sensors that help it identify the edge of the window and change the direction, as well as the battery back-up that stops it from falling in case there’s a power outage. Also, another great feature worth mentioning is the safety rope that most models come with to keep them from falling and damaging the window or other things around. Therefore, in comparison to manual cleaning, a robot can do a much better job , so why not give it a chance? Among the best robotic window cleaners, you can go with are those from Ecovacs or Hobot, having the possibility to choose from more advanced models to suit your needs.

Professional Window Cleaning System

For professional cleaning, you can opt for a cleaning machine that works much faster and cleans up to 30,000 sq./ft. per hour. The system is recommended for high rise office buildings because it simply cleans the windows with minimum intervention. In order to operate it, you just have to use the remote control that allows you to customize the cleaning right from the top of the building. This professional system doesn’t need assistance to climb and it goes up and down using the same path. This translated into more effective cleaning, the first pass being able to remove dirt and the second one to scrub and rinse. Recently, more and more building owners invest in a window cleaning machine or hire professionals that use such a system because the cleaner finishes the job much faster and it’s less risky for the personnel. Therefore, many window cleaning services invest in such a system because they can clean more building in less time, making the business much profitable. A great advantage of using such a professional system is the fact that it cleans the windows more efficiently that manual cleaning, so the building is always clean. One of the most popular cleaning machines on the market is the HighRise professional window cleaning system or the IPC Eagle automated high rise window cleaning system. However, in comparison to the robotic window cleaners, they are very expensive and are specially designed for cleaning an entire building.


As you can see, the window cleaning technology has greatly evolved, offering you the possibility to efficiently clean high rise buildings without putting your life in danger. Fortunately, this is only the beginning because either we talk about robotic window cleaners or professional machines, the future looks very bright. So, take one step forward and let these innovative systems clean the windows for you.