Stylish Design Ideas for Your Vanity Table

Have you always wanted to design a vanity table, but you weren’t sure which style was more appropriate? To help you discover the one that best suits you, we have selected two different vanity table designs that are stylish, elegant, and refined, so you can create a space worthy of a princess.

The vanity table is a woman’s beauty altar and is considered to be a personal space that should include all the items that contribute to the beauty ritual of a woman. On your vanity table, you should make room not only for makeup but also for a hair brush, a top flat iron, a hair dryer, various makeup brushes and much more. To make sure you design the most beautiful and practical vanity table, here are two ideas of stylish design that you can inspire from.

A shabby chic design

The shabby chic style is often chosen for designing a vanity table because it includes feminine and delicate details that are the perfect touches for an area designed for beauty. What you will need is a vanity table painted in white or a soft pastel color like pink, yellow or light blue. The nicest shabby detail will be a small chair with an upholstery with a delicate floral print, preferably roses. Next, you will need a mirror and the best model is an oval one with a large wooden frame painted in white as well. Once you have chosen the furniture, you will have to organize your beauty accessories and devices, and the best way to do it is to create small containers for each category. Place the small items like makeup brushes and sponges, make-up products, and hair accessories in small boxes decorated with the same floral print as the chair. For the larger items like hair brushes, a top flat iron, or a curling iron, you can build drawers under the table to keep them out of sight.

A Victorian design

If you prefer elegance over delicacy and you are more of a fan of luxury than of simplicity, then you should opt for a more opulent design for your stylish vanity table, such as the Victorian one. For this, you should opt for a vanity table made of hardwood, with large carved drawers and a handcrafted wide mirror. The details are what make this vanity table extremely sophisticated, details like golden insertion and handcrafted sculptured legs and mirror frame. To match this elegant table, opt for a small chair with a precious upholstery like velvet or silk. Try to keep everything out of sight, so opt for a table with large doors and drawers that will keep all your beauty items hidden. Create special spaced for every category and organize everything so you will have them within reach, and although this design is more vintage, this doesn’t mean that you can’t stack the latest models of styling devices like flat irons. For added elegance, look for items designed in the same style, like handcrafted sets of brush and hand mirror or even a sophisticated jewelry box to decorate your table.