Smart ideas to decorate a rooftop garden

Looking from above, urban areas might seem a pile of dull concrete that prevents you from breathing fresh air and admiring wonderful natural sceneries. For others, not being able to nourish their gardening addiction due to the lack of a backyard represents a real nightmare. However, things are not as bad as they seem. Rooftop garden have become more and more popular among residents of high-rise buildings after discovering the benefits of such a beautiful space. Practically, a rooftop garden reduces heating and air-conditioning costs, improves air quality, which represents a major problem in cosmopolitan cities, allows you to enjoy outdoor space and creates habitat for butterflies and birds. You do not need many reasons to design a rooftop garden but the next question is inevitable: how do you decorate it?

A well-thought plan, determination and an eye for style represent your best weapons when embarking into such a mission. The possibilities are truly endless meaning that you will not encounter problems in finding ideas but selecting the options. Unlike building it, decorating does not require that much time and money because you can use affordable and versatile decorative elements and purchase them in large amounts like ribbons wholesale. Even more, you can combine them and create a statement piece that you can place in the center if your rooftop garden. Go for elegant and luxurious materials, bold colors and simplicity. As a result, you will eliminate completely any feeling of monotony and coldness. However, do not let yourself carried away in terms of colors because you do have a small space and it will transform it into a cluttered mess.

Even if you do not benefit from a wide space, by keeping it open and avoiding walls as much as possible, you can fool the eyes of your guests. You can opt for transparent glass or fences if neighbors cannot peek because every time you come close to the border you will feel like the master of the world. The cars and pedestrians will seem tiny ants rushing around without purpose. As a gardening lover, you can plant trees and flowers, thus surrounding yourself with greenery and creating a natural shield between you and the rest of the city. You can even add furniture and flooring that matches perfectly the style of your garden. Just make sure that you consider the climate and your budget because otherwise, your entire work and investment will be ruined.