Questions to ask an accountant during an interview

Knowing what questions to ask an accountant during an interview can make the difference between working with a professional and hiring the wrong person. This may be the first time you interview an accounting expert, so you may have no idea what aspects to focus on, during your discussion. Whether you want to find someone to counsel you in running a new business or you need their assistance to fix some issues, they need a set of skills to recommend them for the job. Here is a list of questions you should ask, to ensure you’re working with the right person.

How do you stay up to date with the latest regulations and laws?

If you don’t work in the accounting and finance industry, you don’t know that the regulations and laws are constantly changing. It’s vital to work with someone who makes a point from staying informed. A top candidate for Regnskapsfører Oslo is able to tell you how they monitor the latest regulations. Some have subscriptions to industry publications, others are members in professional organizations, and some even attend accounting webinars or conferences.            

What are the main three skills a professional accountant needs?

The Regnskap Oslo should be able to tell you what their best three attributes are. Hire the candidate that has a mix of hard aptitudes like knowledge of big data concepts, but also softer skills like customer service skills, communication skills and business acumen. Ask them to offer you example of times when they used and developed these skills at their previous jobs to help you understand if they are the right expert for the job.     

What accounting software have you used before?

When you interview a Regnskapsbyrå Oslo don’t forget to ask them about the tools they used in their previous jobs because you need to understand if they are accustomed with the systems your company uses. It’s best to hire the expert who has experience with the software you use. But only because they didn’t use the exact model, it doesn’t discount them for the job. People who have used multiple systems in the past can easily get the skills to use the one you prefer. Hire someone who is accustomed to working with technology similar to the one you have.

How do you present financial data to non-financial staff?

The accountant has to work with the rest of the team to ensure that your company thrives. When you hire an accountant you need an expert who can discuss financial data and reports with anyone in your company, no matter if they have financial knowledge or not. Therefore, when you interview candidates look for someone who is comfortable with presenting financial data to everyone. Ask them if they have previous experience working in a company that asked them to do the same job. This question can also help you understand if they have communication skills and experience in presenting reports.

And last but not least ask them to describe you a time when they met difficulties in their previous jobs and how they solved the issue.