Outstanding decorating hacks for your student studio


Modern students’ studios feature many appliances, and you do not have to bring too many things from home, so if you are a person who likes simple spaces, you will find quite pleasant to live in such a place. They have modern furniture and appliances, and many of them even have balconies, so you will be delighted to drink your coffee under direct sunlight every morning. However, if you want to personalise the space according your desire, and transform it into your own space, you should talk with the student housing Liverpool proprietor, and see if you are allowed to redecorate the space. In case s/he agrees, here are some decorating hacks that will definitely transform your studio.

Hang a giant world map

You might think that only a geography student will need a giant world map, but it is not there to help you remember all the countries from the world. The map is there to mark the places where you travelled, and sign the ones where you want to travel. You should invest in a map, which is painted silver, and scratch off the countries you visited.

Invest in a blackboard

Depending on the free wall space you have, you have the possibility to buy a bigger or smaller black board. You might think that you are not a child, and you do not need it, but once you install it you will find it quite useful, and you will enjoy having it around. You can draw on it different things which are representative for you at that certain moment, or write funny messages to help you remember important events and dates. It will even help you not to forget that you have to buy milk and water.

Place potted plants around the studio

You might not like the flowers your mother has at home, but this does not mean that you cannot find some plants which are easy to care and pleasant at view. Even if you are living in a big city, you still need a little bit of nature and this is a great option.     If you have a balcony, you can place all the pants there, and create your own green corner. In case you do not like flowers, you have the opportunity to grow plants, which can be used to spice food.

Wall stickers

The great advantage of stickers is that they are easy to install, and when you peel them off, they do not leave a permanent mark. In case you want to transform the look of the walls, you should take a look at the stickers you find in online stores, or you can take a walk in the local market and see what you find. Depending on your desire, you can put a bigger one on a single wall, or you can mix them. You can start with one that marks a new beginning when you come for the first time in the studio, and add new ones every time something important happens.