Kitchen Herb Wall Ideas

Are you looking for an innovative kitchen decoration that is also practical and will help you during the cooking? Then you should consider designing a kitchen herb wall idea so you can have all your favorite spices in one place and also manage to enhance the aspect of your kitchen.

It’s always comfortable to have your favorite herbs in hand in the kitchen so you can use them fresh from the pot and this is why many people choose to design kitchen herb walls. If you too want to have one in your kitchen, you can inspire from the following kitchen herb wall ideas that will be both practical and decorative.

    • The easiest way to design a kitchen herb wall is to build shelves that will hold the herb pots so you can use the scented herbs every time you cook. If you are looking for a more innovative herb wall idea, you can choose to place the shelves in a random order to to create a kind of a pattern rather than placing them in a straight line. In case you don’t have enough space for a wide herb wall, you can opt for a vertical one only a few inches wide where you can place small pots of various herbs.
    • If you want something out of the ordinary, try placing your herbs upside down, meaning letting the herbs grow through the bottom of the pot instead of through the top. For this, you will need some small paint buckets or other pots with handles that you can hang from a hook. Make a hole in the bottom of the pot and plant the herbs so they come out through the pot, then hang the pots in your kitchen with the herbs pointing down and you will have an interesting herb wall idea.
    • Placing herb pots on the kitchen’s window sill limits your choices as you can only place a few pots, but if you look for more interesting herb wall ideas, you can place many pots in your kitchen. A herb wall is a great way to decorate a large kitchen window that you can’t open, instead of covering it with a curtain. What you have to do is build two or more shelves that go from one way of the window to another so they manage to cover the entire window.
    • A herb wall can be easily built using led grow lights, which are devices that emit a full spectrum of light that encourages even the most demanding herbs to grow and thrive in any kitchen. Led grow lights are often used in growing a variety of plants in places where sunlight hardly reaches and are an excellent addition to your herb wall. You can also find mini gardens equipped with a led grow light system and that can hold miniature pots of your favorite herbs.