Introducing The Modern World Sauna vs. Traditional Sauna

Do you know which are the main differences between the traditional and modern saunas? If not, read this article and learn more about how things evolved in this industry. All this information will help you choose a sauna much easier if you decide to buy one for your home.

Saunas come with a long history behind, being used for both health and social purposes. These small rooms are reinvigorating and it seems that a 15-minute session can really do wonders for your health. The traditional saunas were very popular for many years, offering wet or dry heat sessions for all enthusiasts. Little by little, things have evolved, so in modern days, people tend to be more impressed by the infrared therapy. Each type of sauna has many health benefits for the users and they work on the same principle, but they use different technologies. The  infrared saunas are considered superior to their traditional counterparts and specialists say they are more convenient from many aspects. But is it really true? The answer to this question can be found in the lines below as we’ve searched all the important details everyone should know about these modern saunas.

A Short Introduction to Modern Saunas

According to the Finnish sauna organizations & Optima Institute the infrared saunas are not considered saunas as they don’t use hot stones or water. So a more proper name would be them infrared therapy rooms. The infrared technology first appeared at the end of the 1800s and ever since then it has been used for various purposes.

These rooms use infrared heaters that are placed inside the room, so the user will experience a more tolerable temperature, around 140º F. In this way, the infrared rooms are ideal for people who can’t stand higher temperatures. The infrared rays warm the body, the feeling being similar to the sunlight.

In terms of design, these infrared rooms are made of wood, the most popular choices being cedar and hemlock. There are many models that feature tempered glass doors for a more stylish design, some of them also offering you privacy, as the doors contain a privacy glass film. Additionally, they are compact in size, being great for small houses.

According to specialists, the heat produced by the infrared heaters get deep into the body, making them a better choice for eliminating toxins and lose weight. Therefore, the infrared rooms are very efficient in reducing pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Other health advantages you can enjoy when sitting in an infrared room are improved circulation, boosted immune system, rejuvenated skin, healthier heart, stimulated circulatory system, and so on.

What about Traditional Saunas?

Let’s begin by learning more about the traditional saunas and how exactly they work. Some things may be familiar to you, but you may also find new information that will help you at some point. There are two types of traditional saunas: dry and wet.

The first type is also the most used one, being present in many spa centers. The dry saunas have a built-in heater or a stove that is wood fired or electric. On the heater, there are rocks that absorb heat and create what is called a dry sauna experience. When pouring water on the stones, the environment becomes wet and so you can consider it a wet sauna.

In general, the traditional saunas are made of softwood, but not all types of woods are considered adequate for insulating the heat. Therefore, among the most common types of woods are cedar, pine, or cherry. These saunas can reach temperatures up to 195° F.

Even though a traditional sauna offers similar health benefits with an infrared therapy room, it’s considered less efficient. Why is that? The answer is quite simple: because it doesn’t penetrate the body as deeper as infrared rays. Additionally, another drawback is that many people feel rather uncomfortable sitting for 20-25 minutes in high temperatures and it also may be quite risky exposing to such temperatures.

Final Considerations

There’s absolutely no surprise that the infrared therapy rooms gain more and more popularity in the detriment of the traditional saunas. Not only that they offer a more comfortable sauna experience, but they are also more efficient in healing the body. Additionally, they are more stylish and their price is budget-friendly for most people. The infrared technology is used in manufacturing all sorts of products that are meant to ease our lives and to make us enjoy only the best of what world has to offer us. The infrared therapy rooms make no exception and this is only the beginning.