How to Organize a Small Closet

Living in a small condo has it’s charm, but having a small closet can easily ruin your entire joy if you aren’t careful and organized about the way that you store your clothes and shoes in it. If you are looking for a great way in which you can organize your small closet, read this article to get some good tips.

Living in a small apartment means that you have to be well organized with your belongings, and having a small closet forces you to pay extra attention to the way you store all your clothes for all of them to fit in and to have easy access to them. This can be especially hard for those who have a lot of clothes and shoes, because they might find it impossible to store everything neatly.
If you live in a small condo and you have a tiny closet, you should read the following lines to see how you can organize your small closet for everything to fit perfectly.

Double the hanging space

Before you throw away the soda cans, you should pull the tab off, and use it in your favor to gain necessary extra space in your tiny closet.
You can do this by simply sliding the tab down the hook of a hanger, and you slip another hanger through the hole of the tab, this way being able to hang two different pieces of clothing while taking up only the space taken by one.

Double the shelf space with baskets

Instead of wasting space that you actually need, you should take advantage of the space under the shelves as well by simply hanging under the shelf baskets.
These baskets cost under $10, and you can efficiently double your storing space by installing them, having additional rows where you can put your folded clothes, accessories, or even your shoes if they fit in the baskets.

Use shelf dividers to gain space

Unfortunately, a lot of space gets easily waisted on the shelves where you fold your clothes because they tend to tip over, or you fold them unequally, losing a lot of space by doing this.
To have well organized shelves and to gain extra space, you should buy shelf dividers, and you won’t ever have stacks of shirts falling over. In addition, for those who have a lot of purses, installing shelf dividers is the ideal solution to stack the purses neatly and upright.

Put hooks everywhere you can

You should take advantage of any space that you have left unused on your walls by placing hooks to hang your clothes and jackets.
By placing hanging hooks everywhere you can, even on the doors if it’s possible, you could free up the space on the hanging rod, making their placement more visible to you, this way helping you find them more easily as well.