How to Organize a Small Bathroom in 5 Simple Steps

You live in a small condo and you barely have storage space in the bathroom to keep all your personal care items? Then you are surely interested in smart design ideas that will help you organize your small bathroom, and this article is offering you 5 simple steps to create an airy and tidy small bathroom.

Small homes always have problems with storage space that is never enough for all the things people need to have, so they must find ingenious ways to create additional areas that will help them keep their things organized. If you struggle with a small bathroom, here is how you can organize it in 5 simple steps.

    • Forget about storing the towels the traditional way and opt for a version that enhances the aspect of your bathroom, like building a shelf above the toilet where you can roll the towels and place them in a pyramid shape. You can also opt for cute baskets that can hold the towels and the toilet paper, the wet wipes, and any other hygiene item you like to keep in the bathroom. Place a bowl with some scented sticks on the shelf to make it look more like a decorating detail.
    • Items like the toothbrush, the electric shaver, and others that you use on a daily basis should be placed within reach, preferably near the mirror on a small shelf. If you don’t like the idea of storing them in sight, you can opt for a mirror with a small narrow cabinet on one side where you can conveniently hide the personal care products.
    • Be careful with the items that you keep in cabinets. Even if you have one of the top rated electric shavers, one with a cleaning station which cleans and drys itself, it is recommended to avoid storing it in a dark place., due to the fact that it may collect bacteria. The same goes for your toothbrush, or any other bathroom item which gets wet.  The top rated electric shavers come with special wall supports, which are very useful. You might want to get one of those and place it near the bathroom mirror.
    • In the bathroom, you will definitely have to store cleaning products and the last thing you want is having them spread in the entire bathroom. Therefore, you will have to find a convenient storage space for them, and which could be better than the area under the sink? In order to take advantage of every corner in your small bathroom, create a small cabinet under the sink so you can have there all your cleaning products. If you don’t want to build a cabinet, you can opt for a small curtain that will create a hidden storage area.
    • A great idea of organizing a small bathroom is to use the bathroom door, where you can design a vertical hanger made of fabric with small pockets where you can arrange items like your flat irons, the hair dryer, the skin depilatory, or any other large item that wouldn’t fit on a shelf. This way, you will have all your devices in one place without taking counter space. Or, you can store these devices inside the cabinets, but in shelves created on the doors.
    • The walls can become excellent storage spaces if you don’t have enough space to build cabinets and drawers. Small baskets can be attached to the walls instead of being kept on the counter so you can keep there all your beauty and personal care products. Use the wall above the bathtub to store shower gels, cream, shampoos, and lotions, and build tiny shelves near the mirror so you can have your makeup products within reach.