How to Make a Small Condo Seem Bigger

A lot of people live in small condos, and while small living places have their own charm, it’s better to use different tricks to make them look bigger. Therefore, if you are interested in finding out how you can make your cute small condo seem bigger than it actually is, read this article.

Living in a small condo means you have to make the most of the space that you have available, which isn’t impossible, but everyone wants to have a large living space, and the best solution for those who would like a larger space is turning to some simple tricks to make the small condo seem bigger than it actually is. If you are interested in finding out how to do this, read the following lines to see how you can make your small living space seem bigger.

Make sure it’s well lit

During the day, if you want the condo to look bigger than it is, you should let in as much natural light as possible by simply pulling the curtains. When night comes, you should have all the lights turned on, giving the impression of a larger space due to the fact that the rooms are well lightened. To have the best result possible, when you turn on the lights at night, you should use led light bulbs. In addition to being a better lighting choice, they last longer than other types of bulbs and consume less energy, therefore by using them you get to save money as well.

Don’t clutter

If the condo is filled with more furniture than it should be, you won’t only have a problem when you will be walking around, but it will make the place look even smaller than it actually is. Limit yourself only to the furniture that you actually need instead of cluttering the whole place with every item you see and like, and try to create small areas in the living room and the bedroom. By doing this, you will have a better organization in these rooms in addition to them looking bigger. Another way in which you can get rid of the clutter in the condo is by neatly storing everything after you use it, especially in rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom. In these rooms you can place as many counters as you need to make sure that there won’t be any cleaning or cooking solutions left lying around.

Brighten up the space with a glossy epoxy floor

To make a small space look bigger, you can opt for a white floor, but not any type a floor, but a white epoxy floor. Not only will the white make the space seem bigger, but the glossy finish of the epoxy coating can brighten up a room by as much as 200%. This is an ideal floor for small spaces, but make sure to employ the right contractors. Installing the epoxy floor can be quite tricky, but if it is installed properly, it can last for many years. We advise you to employ Treadwell, as they are the best Epoxy Flooring Kansas City company. They have dozens of years of experience with epoxy floors, and they have worked on both commercial and residential spaces.

Use light decor colors

The best way to make a small space seem bigger is to use colors that trick the eye into thinking that the space is larger. White is definitely the best color to go with if you want to make the condo look bigger. You can use it for the walls, the floors and even the furniture. A great color that you can add to the sea of white to help the condo look bigger is light green. You can add this color in your by placing as many green plants as you can by the windows, and by mixing the white furniture with green furniture pieces. This way it won’t only look bigger, but it will look more cheerful as well.