How to Increase the Security of Your Condo

In case you are looking for ways to make your condo a more secure place where burglars don’t attempt to enter, you should read this article as it contains some smart and easy to apply ideas that will help you increase the security of your condo.

The place you live in must be clean, comfortable, and secure in order to offer you all the living conditions you need for a happy and safe life. While the decorating of your condo solves the first two aspects, the security matter is connected to some particular details that involve attention and care. We have gathered some tips and ideas that will help you increase the security of your condo so you will manage to keep potential intruders away.

Install a security camera

A security camera is perhaps the best way to turn a home into a safer place as it allows you to observe what is happening inside your house while you are away. Install a security camera near the front door and the windows and opt for one that allows you to control the images from a distance, so you will always know how secure your house is. If the building you live in has lobby cameras or you can install one yourself, the more secure you will feel.

Keep the door locked

Having multiple locks on your door doesn’t mean you are being paranoid, but that you are trying to keep your home safe. A burglar will never spend 15 minutes trying to open a door since someone can catch them in the act, but will prefer homes with a simple lock that can be opened in a couple of minutes. In case you just bought the condo, make sure you change all the locks with new ones that only you have keys from.

Lock the windows

Not only the door is an entrance for burglars, but the windows as well, especially if you live on the first or second floor. Therefore, make sure you put a lock on the windows as well and never leave a window open throughout the night or while you are away, as intruders take advantage of every opportunity they find. Landscaping is very important because overgrown bushes can help burglars hide while tall trees help them climb the wall to your window.

Visibility is highly important

The visibility is important both ways, meaning from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside. When it comes to the front door, it’s very important that you have a clear view on whoever is knocking on your door, so make sure you have a door eye hole. As for visibility from the outside, keep the valuables away from the sight of strangers passing in front of your door or window and make sure no one can see you arm the house alarm.