How to Cool a Small Apartment in the Summer

If you are looking for a way to stay away from the heat and maintain a comfortable temperature in your small apartment, follow these tips and ideas. We will help you cool your apartment during the summer without having to use expensive gadgets.

Using the air conditioner for cooling the house in summer can be a temporary solution for obtaining the thermal comfort, but involves a number of health risks. Changes in temperature and humidity level in the air, the sudden transition from hot to cold affects the respiratory system. It is therefore important to find more efficient ways to cool an apartment during the summer.

Home insulation during the day

An useful measure in maintaining a pleasant climate in the house is home insulation during the day. You can achieve this by using a simple and inexpensive methods: closing the windows. It is therefore recommended to close the windows during the day and cover them with curtains and blinds to block the sunlight that is responsible for heating your apartment.

Placing house plants near the windows

Another efficient way of cooling the house in hot weather is placing plants by the windows, such as tall shrubs that absorb a large part of solar energy. Plants have the ability to purify the indoor air, eliminating harmful chemicals in its composition.

Using an efficient fan

A fan can be effective in reducing discomfort caused by heat from the inside, if used correctly. An excellent way to increase the fan efficiency is to place a container with cold water (preferably iced water) in front of the fan This trick allows the fan to spread cold water particles in the atmosphere, a phenomenon that leads to reduced interior temperature and increase the humidity in the air. If you want to get optimal results, you should consider opting for a Lasko tower fan. A tower fan is highly portable, so it’s perfect for a small apartment. Among the many tower fans that you can find on the market, the Lasko fans are very efficient and quite affordable. You can convince yourself of this by reading a lasko tower fan review.

Turn off additional heat sources

Incandescent bulbs heat the air in the room, which is why replacing them with fluorescent bulbs in summer temperature can help reduce heat without using air conditioning. Electrical appliances emit a significant amount of heat when in operation, so it is important to use them at the lowest setting during the day and turn them off when it’s time to go to bed.

Reduce home humidity with a dehumidifier

High humidity makes the air seem even hotter, especially in a small apartment. To maintain a low temperature, it is necessary to reduce as much as possible the humidity in your home. Use a dehumidifier the decrease the level of humidity in the air and keep the air breathable. On the other hand, reducing the moisture in the bathroom and kitchen prevents dampness and mold.