How to Build and Maintain a Rooftop Pool

If you live in a condo and you are feeling jealous of those who enjoy the benefits of having a pool at home, you can set assured knowing that you can have your own pool even if you don’t have a backyard. The solution is building a rooftop pool and we show you how you can build and maintain one.

If you live in an apartment that doesn’t offer you the privilege of owning a garden where you can install a pool, you could consider the rooftop pool option. Although this might seem like something you see in exotic resorts, you can have one at home as long as you know how to design it to be safe. Below, you will discover how to build and maintain a rooftop pool that will indulge you the pleasure of swimming.

What to consider

When you think about building a rooftop pool, you must consider the hydraulic operations and since the process will be performed at a certain height, you must make sure you will be able to bring the equipment up to the roof. It’s very important to build the pool in a place that will be easily accessible so you will be able to ensure its maintenance. This is why it’s best to build the pool in an enclosed place but with an easy access.

Keep safety in mind

Another important part of building a rooftop pool is its safety and this implies a solid structure that can handle the large amounts of water it will hold. The size and shape of the pool must be connected to the stability of the building it is built on and those built on residential rooftops are smaller and shallower that the ones built on more solid buildings. It’s recommended that you hire a professional contractor that will do all the math so that the rooftop pool will be solid and safe to use.

Choosing the material

Concrete would be extremely heavy and would endanger the structure of the entire building, which is why most contractors avoid using it in building a rooftop pool. The most popular material is stainless steel because it is lightweight and strong at the same time. Most rooftop pools are made of stainless steel and are contained inside a reinforced structure with a solid steel frame.

Easy maintenance tips

As any other type of pool, the rooftop pool requires careful maintenance that will ensure a safe swimming environment. The most effective way of cleaning your pool is to use a robotic pool cleaner that can absorb all the impurities that gather in your pool. If you do some research on a comparison site, you will see that a robotic pool cleaner is a device that basically operates on its own and walk along the surface of the pool in order to collect all the dirt and debris that end up in the pool. Depending on your budget, you can choose a cleaner which only cleans the floor of the pool, or you can invest in a more expensive automatic cleaner that also cleans the walls and even the stairs of the pool.

On the site, you can find a wide variety of pool cleaners, reviewed according to their features and their price. Browse those reviews in order to see which are the best rated pool cleaners. Having a robotic pool cleaner to take care of your pool will offer you peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to use any harmful chemicals for cleaning the pool.