Has your home been vandalized with graffiti?

You live in a quiet neighborhood where anything rarely happens. One day, you wake up only to find your home vandalized with graffiti. Needless to say, you’re not happy. It’s not the work of a gang, but a random act of stupidity. Still, you’re upset and you should be. Vandalism is a serious offense. If you have a suspect in mind, go to the police station and inform them about your situation. Police officers have the necessary resources to investigate the matter further. Until you hear from them, make sure to take care of the graffiti.

What to do about the graffiti

Graffiti has the power to bring old buildings and boring structures to life. They provide character to the place. However, in this particular case, it wasn’t your choice. Someone made the decision for you. The only thing you can do now is to try to remove the work of art without destroying the walls. Generally speaking, the process of grafittifjerning involves the use of abrasive particles that safely remove the paint without causing harm to the surface. You could use baking soda or dry ice. Nevertheless, you’re better off using a remover gel. This product is useful for removing inks from porous and non-porous vertical surfaces such as stone, brick, metal, glass, etc.

Some examples of preventative measures

Graffiti is really hard to remove because the vandals don’t limit to using spray paint. They use adhesives, shoe polish, stencils, lipstick, and the list can go on. To protect the home’s façade, you must use a product specially formulated for fasadebeskyttelse.  It’s better to prevent unpleasant situations in the first place. But what can you possibly do to deter vandals from approaching your property? In what follows, you have a few suggestions:

  • Install outdoor lights – If your home is well-lit, it will be difficult for people to commit acts of vandalism. They’re not protected by the darkness anymore. Low-pressure sodium lamps provide better protection because it makes it nearly impossible for the vandals to see the colors.
  • Set up wall protection netting – Put up protective mesh close to the surface of the wall. You can opt for permanent installation or a semi-permanent installation. The semi-permanent netting is attached to the supporting structure using Velcro so that it can be easily removed. Make sure no one is able to climb the mesh.
  • Apply coatings – Apply impregnering betong to the vulnerable areas. Not only will this protect the façade but also it will be much easier to remove graffiti if your home is vandalized once again. The coating has to be reapplied after the cleaning operation. Make sure the surface is able to breathe.

All in all, it takes just a few minutes to invade someone’s property and cause harm. When your property is destroyed, you’re left feeling vulnerable, not to mention unsafe. If your neighbors don’t understand what all the fuss is about, let them know. They could fall victim to vandalism too.