Expert organizer tips – declutter your home

You may have visited one of your friend’s house and you simply loved the way they manage to maintain everything clean and organised. But when you come home you are exhausted because there are so many things gathered in your small condo. You can achieve the same effect if you declutter your house, you only have to organise your things and get rid of the ones you need no more. You do not have to hire a professional to organise your house, you can do it by your own, you only need some free time, because the process will take some time.  You should not be anxious because you will not have to throw the things you love, you will only have to think if you use some things, and if their place is really in the house or they can be stored elsewhere.

Take 5 minutes daily for decluttering

If you are not the type of person who loves cleaning, then you will not consider a thrilling activity to declutter your house. But you can organise your house if you take 5 minutes daily to sort your items, and to put them at their place. For example if you take 5 minutes to organise the closet you will sort the clothing items you no longer use. In case you have in your closet clothes for all seasons, then you should consider the possibility to store the ones you will wear the next season in a storage unit. It is affordable, and you can easily find one if you write on Google storage units near me.

Give away daily

You do not need all the things you have collected in your house so you should start giving them to people who really need them. When it comes to clothes, you do not wear the items from the last fall collection, but there are people who need clothes, because they do not afford to buy new ones. You should sort your wardrobe and give away the ones you no longer wear.

Try the Oprah Winfrey solution

This method will help you identify the clothes you no longer use, in case you think that you must keep in your closet everything. You should hang all your clothes on hangers, and place them in the reverse direction. When you wear a certain item you should place the hanger in the right direction, and in a couple of weeks, you will know what items you do not wear.

You should use the four-box method

This is one of the most effective methods of decluttering your house. You will have to decide what box is for trash, which one is for keeping, which one for giving away and which one for relocating. Enter every room of your condo, and place the things that clutter your space in one of the boxes. This method may take you some time, because you cannot decide on the moment what you want to relocate and what you want to get to trash, but it is effective. At the end of a month, you will notice that your house is more organised and cleaner.