Discover how experts test levitating speakers

No matter your taste in music, levitating speakers bring the music you cannot live without into your home. Thanks to wireless speakers that play music via Bluetooth technology, you can stream music from your smart devices easy and fast without sacrificing sound quality. Whether you are looking for a speaker with powerful sound and remote control, levitating Bluetooth speakers are the ideal choice since they can fit right into your suitcase. Just check real opinions by real experts. Professionals spend all their time reviewing hundreds of speakers each year regardless of brand and price, so as to find the best model for you. But how do they determine which one is the best? When evaluating levitating speakers, experts take into account the following factors:

Audio connectivity

Audi devices are generally tested using their primary means of audio connection. To be more precise, if a product is labelled as a Bluetooth speaker, then it will be evaluated based on the way in which it sounds over a Bluetooth connection. During the course of the evaluation, special attention is given to Bluetooth-related compression artifacts. On the other hand, if the speaker is AirPlay, then the Wi-Fi network is tested and the experts note the response from the application. Taking into consideration that levitating speakers are compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers, all of these options are compared to see individual performance.

Sound quality

The sound quality evaluation involves connecting each speaker to an iPod and putting through a multitude of technical and subjective tests. The listening panel is typically made up of listeners who are able to discern slight differences in sound quality. For a better apprehension of the sound, experts listen to and evaluate contrasting pieces of music, like jazz, rock or radio broadcasts. The reason why different genres are used is that it is necessary to see how the levitating speaker is capable of handling each one. Each particular genre has emphasized instruments and variable frequency ranges, so it is necessary to test if the speaker can make the sound amazing.

Geometry of the room

Experts usually have a separate testing space that reflects the consumers’ listening environments.  Professionals have testing spaces which are the exact size, shape and layout of the average living room. The small, square-shaped room presents the way in which a speaker would sound when it is used at home. This is of paramount importance for speakers that rely heavily on the reflection of audio off nearby walls. Another aspect that is analyzed is if the battery last on a full charge.


Last but not least, experts take into consideration if the levitating speaker is built to last. If certain brands of levitating speakers are faulty and will thus provide the user an unreliable experience, then they will certainly not be named as best buys. Only those speakers that score at least 70% in terms of sound quality, ease of use and features are best buys.

In conclusion, if you want useful information for selecting the best device, you can trust online reviews provided by the experts.