Christmas hallway decorating – exude a welcoming feeling from the entrance

When the festive season approaches, most people start the winter fever by decorating the Christmas tree and forget about probably the most important area of the house or the apartment, namely the hallway. The moment your guests step inside, the first space they see is the hallway. For this reason, you have to set the atmosphere by creating a warm entrance with candles and other Christmas decorations. Put yourself in the guests’ shoes. Would you like to see a monotonous area with no life or do you prefer to see color, cheer and get a welcoming feeling from the moment you enter the house or condominium? The answer is more than obvious. If you overlooked the importance of decorating the hallway in the winter season, from now on you will never make this mistake again.

How to create a warm and welcoming ambiance in the hallway

You should start by gathering all the useless items that occupy precious space in the hallway. Do not worry because you will later replace them with eye-catching decorations. Decide upon a certain color scheme; options include gold and earthy browns, dark greens and red berry shades, whites and silvers, plums and pinks. Next, you must choose all the Christmas hanging decorations that match the respective color scheme, from paper chains and ribbon to figurines and wreaths. If the space of your hallway allows it, you can determine a focal point that will captivate everyone’s attention because it will concentrate mainly on sparkling illumination. We all know that twinkling lights practically represent one of the main elements that remind of the festive season. Moreover, you can create an opulent atmosphere by adding cinnamon candles and scented orange in the area. If you do not want to use actual candles because you fear that a fire might start during the holidays, you can replace them with battery-operated tea lights that you can place in glass jars.

Decorative pieces you can add in the hallway

Wreaths and garlands also represent good choices for decorating a space during the festive season. You can choose natural greenery and flowers or you can opt for snow-frosted pieces. It only depends on your preference s and the type of vibe you want to create. Another option is to combine them and place them strategically. You can even go a step further and enhance the doorway with foliage. For instance, eucalyptus is a great choice because it releases a pleasant and strong smell. Your guests will instantly sense it.