Best Robot Vacuums Recommended for Small Apartments

Take advantage of the latest technologies and buy a robot vacuum that will do all the hard work for you and have your small apartment clean without the smallest effort. If you are not sure which one is the best, here are 3 of the best robot vacuums recommended for small apartments to make the choice easier.

Living in a small apartment has its advantages and one of them is not having to clean a very large area, which will take less time and effort. Still, you can call for the help of assistants that will do the hard work for you, and one of those assistants is the robot vacuum, that small device that wanders around the house cleaning your floors without requiring your assistance. When looking for a robot vacuum for a small apartment, you must know that you won’t need to pay hundreds of dollars extra on top-edge units as you can settle for one that costs less and can handle smaller surfaces, as the ones presented below.

Infinuvo Hovo 510

This is one of the top 2016 robotvacuum cleaners. It is a powerful model that can handle all types of floors and can remove dirt, dust, and even pet hair with its two sets of rotating brushes. The UV light ensures floor sanitation and the spot-cleaning mode enables it to focus on high-traffic areas. You can program the Infinuovo to start at a certain time and let it do its job until the battery runs out, which is when the unit will return to its recharging station. It comes with a virtual wall to keep it out of certain rooms and cliff sensors that help it not get stuck in obstacles.

Infinuvo CleanMate QQ2 Basic

For $122, this robot vacuum can handle any type of surface in your house and it also disinfects the floors using its ultraviolet light. The rolling brush it has stirs up the dust to make it easier for the vacuum to absorb it, leaving your floors clean even in the corners. The 80-minutes battery lifetime is enough to clean a small to medium size apartment and the fact that the vacuum is short in size allows it to get under furniture and makes it easy to store. It doesn’t cone with a virtual wall to keep it out of forbidden rooms, which shouldn’t be a problem for small apartments.

O-Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner

The $23 price tag might make you think that you are dealing with a toy instead of a vacuum cleaner, but this device is an actual robot vacuum that works on rechargeable batteries, so you won’t have to trip over cords or worry about space for the charging station. The difference is that it doesn’t suck in dirt and debris, but uses electrostatic cloths to attract dust and allergens off hardwood floors. It’s a great help in small condos with no carpets and it can navigate by itself so you won’t have to worry about it.