Bamboo vs. Cotton: What’s Better?

Choosing the best sets of sheets is a tricky job because it implies looking for the highest quality products from a generous range. Hopefully, our article will help you decide which one is the best choice by showing you the benefits of bamboo over cotton.

When it comes to personal comfort an pampering, the sheets are a major aspect that influences how comfortable one feels in the intimacy of their home. They should be chosen based on softness, delicacy, and care for the skin. Without a doubt, the two main choices in terms of material remain bamboo and cotton, each packed with a series of benefits to the health and well-being of the user. Still, it has to be one of the two that is better than the other and we are about to learn which one is it.


This soft material comes in various texture types, the Egyptian one being the most popular. It’s commonly used in manufacturing sheets, duvets, towels, robes, and numerous clothing items. Its popularity is mainly due to the softness it provides and the quality of the fibers. Cotton is a plant that is harvested and turned into a thread that will be later used to create a soft material of various thicknesses and textures. Although it’s very delicate to the skin, it can often be treated with pesticides and chemicals in order to repel pests and to increase the productivity, so the result will not be a 100% safe and hypoallergenic material. Still, you can choose to buy only organic cotton products that are a little more expensive but are guaranteed to come from eco-friendly harvests that don’t contain any harmful substances.
Without a doubt, cotton is one of the most appropriate materials for sheets and towels, being more delicate than silk itself. However, despite the pleasant touch of the cotton and its durability, it has been topped by bamboo for multiple reasons, as you are about to discover.


Lately, a new material has taken over the market and has aroused the interest of people looking for the highest quality products for their homes. Bamboo is also a plant, more specifically, a type of grass that grows in very light conditions, being one of the most sustainable materials out there. It grows extremely fast and it requires no chemicals and fertilizers so it doesn’t affect the environment in any way. Besides being extremely mild to nature, it also results to be one of the softest materials that can be used for designing sheets, towels, and more. You needn’t take our word for granted but we are sure that the following reasons to choose bamboo over cotton will convince you of its superior quality.

    • Sustainability

As mentioned before, bamboo is a more sustainable source for manufacturing sheets because it grows very fast and it has a natural way of dealing with repellents, thus eliminating the need to use pesticides. The crop losses are minimal, compared to cotton that can experience more crop waste when dealing with harmful pests. Also, bamboo takes less water to grow than cotton so it can grow in harsher conditions without requiring an irrigation system or special care. Therefore, the result is a more generous crop with minimal effects on the environment.

    • Resistance

How strong a material is says much about how long a product will last. Cotton is known to be a durable material but it often receives complains about how it maintains shape or for how long the colors will last. Bamboo beats cotton in each of these aspects because it has proven to be a more resistant material that will keep its shape and remain intact no matter for how long you use it. The viscose obtained from bamboo is the best choice for clothing, sheets, or towels that you plan to use for a long time and that you wish to remain in the same perfect condition.

    • Delicacy

Nonetheless, how delicate a set of sheets feels is an essential aspect in determining which is the best material. Egyptian cotton might be as soft as silk but bamboo can successfully match and even exceed its delicacy. Whether we are referring to viscose or rayon bamboo, it will turn out to be a real pamper for your skin and you will certainly love the way it maintains and regulates its temperature so that you will enjoy the same soft touch in every season.

    • Anti-allergenic properties

If you are an allergy sufferer or you have sensitive kids, you will be happy to learn that bamboo has natural hypo-allergenic properties that enable it to repel dust mites, pollen, and other irritants. The fibers remain cleaner and create a sort of barrier that protects your skin and airways from the threat of impurities that usually gather inside the soft fibers of sheets. For a complete antimicrobial protection, you can also opt for a bamboo pillow that contains a layer of bamboo designed to keep dirt and allergens away. The pillow is recommended by for allergy sufferers who shouldn’t be exposed to dust mites thanks to its ability to create a clean sleep environment.

    • Affordability

When you buy new sheets for your bedding, it’s always advisable to go for the most convenient products that offer a great price-quality ratio. Compared to the expensive sets of Egyptian cotton, bamboo is more affordable without sacrificing quality so it’s the best choice if you want to save a penny while enjoying the highest level of comfort.