5 Essential Tips for Refrigerator Shopping

The refrigerator is a mandatory appliance for any household, and it’s an investment that you will probably make only a couple of times in your life, therefore it’s essential to be careful on what model you are choosing. To be informed when you go shopping for a new one, read this article to find out the 5 essential tips for refrigerator shopping.

Refrigerators are investments that people don’t make many times in their lives, therefore when you go shopping for a new one, you should be well informed on what are the latest features and options that they have to offer to make sure that you are taking the right decision. In addition, refrigerators tend to cost thousands of dollars, a fact which makes it all the more important to know exactly what you need and like. Read the following lines to find out the 5 essential tips for refrigerator shopping, and by applying these tips when you hit the store looking for the perfect one, you will be definitely making the right decision.

1. Know the types of refrigerators

When it comes to the useful house appliance that is the refrigerator, there are several basic types that you can choose from, each of them having their pros and their cons.
Refrigerators that have the freezer located above the fresh food compartment are usually the smallest types of refrigerators, but on the good side, they are the most energy efficient. French-door models are more generous when it comes to storage space, and they look very stylish, but the downside to these models is that their drawers are large and deep, being hard to find small items because of this. According to more than one refrigerator review, the side-by-side models are the best when it comes to easy access to all the items you stored in the refrigerator, but it’s hard to store oddly shaped or large items in them due to the fact that they have narrow compartments.

2. Look for an energy efficient model

Energy efficiency is one of the most important things you have to take in consideration when it comes to refrigerators, because these household appliances run all the time, being most probably the only item in your home that consumes energy constantly.
To make sure that you aren’t buying a model which consumes an enormous amount of energy, choose a refrigerator which has the Energy Star label on it, because all the models that have this label on them tend to consume at least 20% less energy than other models that are the same size as they are.

3. Choose one with appropriate storage capacity

You must choose wisely when it comes to the storage capacity of the unit, because when it comes to refrigerators, buying one that has a bigger capacity than you normally need isn’t a bad thing, but rather the extra space will come in handy eventually, like when the holidays come and there is more food to store than normally. The problem is to avoid buying one that has a smaller capacity than you normally need, because you will have to make unpleasant compromises in order to make all the items fit in it, and some might even have to be left out. Therefore, when choosing the storage capacity of the refrigerator, take in consideration the amount of family members in your household, how many frozen or packaged foods you normally buy, and how frequently you go shopping for food.

4. Look for features that you find to be useful

Modern refrigerators have many features that you can choose from, and while all of them might sound tempting, the more extra features a refrigerator has, the more it will cost, therefore it’s wiser to go for a model that has only the features you are interested in.
When it comes to popular features for modern refrigerators, no other features are as important as the ice maker and water filter features. This is due to the fact that the ice maker feature gives you ice cubes to cool your drink down whenever you want, and the water filter feature ensures that the water that you stored in the special compartment of the fridge to be cool when you drink it is pure and free of any nasty contaminants.To make sure that the refrigerator which you are planing on buying has efficient features, read at least one refrigerator review, and see what the professionals and the customers have to say about your chosen fridge.

5. Measure the available space before choosing a refrigerator

Nothing is more unpleasant than having to trade in a refrigerator you just bought because you didn’t know the right measurements for it and it didn’t fit in your kitchen, therefore you should enter the store with the appropriate measurements in your mind to avoid this from happening. If you are too shy to exchange the model, or you simply can’t because the store where you bought the refrigerator from doesn’t accept it, you will have to make adjustments to the existing cabinets, or even to the walls in order to fit your new acquisition, which is very time consuming and bothersome.