3 interior design tips for when you are setting up a home-based business

woman smiling holding glass mug sitting beside table with MacBook

Does your office’s design have the power to help you win or make you lose clients?  Absolutely! The way your office looks like can influence how your clients feel about your business, their purchasing decisions, and even your business’s reputation.

Although from a client’s perspective, all they need is to get the job done right, this is only true to some extent. A poor taste in decoration might also affect their willingness to have a long-term relationship with your business.

Now, when you etablere as a home-based business, creating the right interior design in your office can be even more challenging. Your clients will expect to see a more friendly and personal space, but also a professional area at the same time. So, you need to make sure that you design a space that reaches their expectations.

Here are 3 interior design tips to know when setting up a home-based business:

1.     Choose the right colors

When you etablere aksjeselskap in your own home, you need to do some changes in your house, starting by repainting your walls and opting for a more attractive color scheme.

Now, the trick about choosing the right color scheme for your home-based business location highly depends on what impact you want the location to have on your clients, and yourself at the same time. Based on the principles of the psychology of colors, all colors can evoke certain feelings and emotions in people. For example, while white is associated with cleanliness and purity, black conveys authority, while green is associated with health and nature.

So, let’s say, for example, that you have a business that sells eco-friendly products. The best choice would be colors like green or blue, which are both associated with natural elements.

Also, colors like red, orange, and yellow can have a powerful impact on your clients’ emotions. For example, red evokes urgency which may help you close a deal faster. Yellow often promotes happiness and positivity, which may help your clients get a good vibe about your business.

2.     Add art and personal items

As mentioned before, your clients will expect for your home-based office to be a more personal one instead of a cold and serious typical office in a corporate building.  So, don’t be afraid to personalize the space with your favorite artwork or personal items that inspire you and tell your clients more about what kind of a person you are.

However, although you are setting up an office in your own house, keep it professional. To be more explicit, since you will be inviting your clients or business partners inside, you can’t really give them the stay-at-home mom vibe. So, even in your own home, keep business and personal spaces separately.

3.     Create a sitting area

Just like you would need when starte ans a traditional business in a corporate building location, you have to set up a sitting area for your clients. Although the space might not be as large as in a corporate location, try to squeeze in at least a couch, a coffee table, and a few magazines that your clients can read while waiting for their turn. Waiting in a sitting area is definitely more welcoming for your clients than waiting in front of your home.

Bottom-line, the interior design of your home-based office can be a subtle combination between personal and professional.