What goes well with a deluxe home? A deluxe car!


You own the most luxurious condo in the city, but you are riding the bus to work? Well, that is not exactly ideal, and you’ll have to deal with that issue right away. Why? Because of the comfort you are going to obtain, because it is not as expensive as you believe and – finally – because it completes the picture. Investing a lot of money into your home means that you probably can afford buying a decent-looking, reliable car.

Try looking for automotive brands like Audi, BMW or Mercedes, since they are both attractive and powerful. Yet, you should look more into Audi’s latest Q3 model. Edmunds opinion on the Audi Q3 will most likely make you want to try it right away. And it’s surely not because of the looks only. See below a few of the specifications that are going to convince you to opt for this car in the future:

Its power

The Q3 offers whatever you may be expecting to get from a SUV. It’s a four-doored car, extremely spacious and amazingly powerful. The 2.0-liter engine can reach up to 200 horsepower and it is combined with a very convenient type of transmission: a six-speed automatic one, which boosts the driving experience to places you’ve never been to until now. See? It is not all about looks (even though this car is annoyingly handsome).

The comfort it offers

If you are part of a family or you simply desire to enjoy a driving trip with your dearest friends, a Q3 offers the exact conditions to do it. It comes equipped with a three-step heated front bucket seats and a leather steering wheel, for a better grip and a fine touch and it matches the leather seating surfaces included in the initial price. The multitude of features you will be using will transform your perception about cars and driving in general right away.


Audi newest cars come equipped with the Audi Concert audio system, with twelve radio station presets and speed dependent volume control. The system includes ten different speakers and a subwoofer in the rear, each placed carefully around the car to give the best experience. The LCDs in the front are big enough to help you see what you are doing without any kind of issue. How would this car look in front of your house? Ideal.