The art of keeping a clean house with a cat or dog

If you have a furry fried around the house, studies say that you’re healthier and happier. They bring pure joy by accompanying you when you feel lonely and sad. But pets are also famous for the destruction they bring to a house. However, with a little effort you can find some solutions to keep both your pet and house happy.

Regularly clean your pet

If your pets spend time outdoors for most of the day you need to establish a grooming routine. Obviously that the dirt found on their paws and coat is spreading around the house if you don’t clean them before allowing them to enter inside. The veterinarian recommended not to use pet shampoo too often, but a quick wash with clean water is an effective alternative. While they are damp, they should be confined to a single room, especially the one with an easy-to-clean floor. You should also take your pet to a dyreklinikk for a professional cleaning and trimming twice a year.

Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner

Buy a pet appropriate vacuum cleaner to remove pesky hair and keep odours away. It’s advisable to choose a model with a high-quality filter, suction and brush action. Before investing in a vacuum cleaner you should also consider the type of flooring you have at home, because if your pet spends time on the sofa and bed, you may want to purchase one that can tackles upholstery too. Some pets may be anxious when using a vacuum, so if yours shows anxiety signs you should take them to a rehabilitering dyr for a check-up.

Create a pet cleaning station

Your hallway furniture may look stylish, but when a dog runs away in the mud all day, they are not the best option for an entranceway. You need to establish a pet cleaning station, and if you don’t have a laundry room, you should establish it in the hallway. You should install a heavy-duty doormat, some high-quality towels and wipes and a water spray bottle. They are useful to clean the pet’s paws. Have a couple of treats at hand, to keep the furry one still while you clean them.

Clean your pet belongings

Pet bed, toys and even food bowls bring a strong odour if not cleaned regularly. Some of them are machine washable, but some need hand wash. Ensure you clean them properly not to destroy your pet’s favourite toys. Choose a sunny day for washing them, to allow them to dry outside because the sun can kill bad odours. When food bowls aren’t properly cleaned, your pet can get sick and you need to see a dyreklinikk Nittedal. If they have regular digestive problems ask the veterinarian what cleaning products to use to clean their food and water bowls.

Air the house

The best way to keep bad odours out of your home is to open the windows regularly, to allow fresh air to enter the house. Even during the cold season, you should open the windows daily for at least 10 minutes because a blast of fresh air can work wonders at deodorising.