Space Heaters with Elegant Designs

Nowadays, you have the possibility to find on the market a range of space heaters with elegant designs. They will not only warm up your home, but they will also add and elegant touch to the whole interior.

An electric heater is very useful and if it is chosen carefully, it can also be a beautiful part of your interior design. Lots of models that are on the market nowadays are not only very efficient but very attractive as well. If you are interested in purchasing a unit like that in the near future, have a look at the following space heaters with elegant designs.

Lasko 6435 Designer Series

Unlike other units, this one barely looks like an electric heater. It is extremely elegant and people will certainly not notice that it is a heater. Lasko 6435 comes with a ceramic exterior and a beautiful brown color that will certainly match with any interior design. The unit looks more like a vase, and this is exactly what makes it unique and elegant. It comes equipped with an automatic overheat protection, adjustable thermostat, a 7-hour timer with an auto shut-off option, and a remote control. It has a quiet operation, and therefore, you can use it even while you sleep without being disturbed by the noise.

Stadler Form Anna 800

This elegant heater will certainly find its place in your home. You will have a warm indoor environment in the shortest time possible due to this efficient yet elegant device. It is portable and this means that you can easily move it from a room to another, without any effort whatsoever. Its design is similar with the one that sound speakers usually have. It comes equipped with a self-regulating ceramic element, and therefore, it will never overheat like other devices usually do. Moreover, it has a thermostat and two-speed levels, which are ultra quiet. Stadler Form Anna 800 is a reasonably priced device, and many consumers highly recommend it.

Duraflame Twin Star Home

This portable electric infrared heater is without a doubt one of the best space heaters with elegant designs, due to its oak finish. The most amazing thing about this device is that it warms up your interior without drying the indoor air like most units do. This is possible due to the fact that it uses infrared heat and this way it helps to maintain the natural humidity within the air. It doesn’t require any installation whatsoever, the only thing you need to do is to take it out of the box and plug it in, and you will have a warm room within minutes. Lots of consumers say that Duraflame Twin Star Home is a durable heater and therefore, a long-term investment.