Simple DIY Rustic Home Decorations

The rustic style is liked by many when it comes to home decorating because it’s simple, yet it can be elegant and interesting, so you should give it a try when looking for home decorations. Even more, you can try to make the decorations yourself and you can use this article as inspiration for simple DIY rustic home decorations.

The best part about rustic decorations is that you don’t have to invest much money or in some cases, you don’t have to invest money at all because you can make them using stuff you have at home. Another great advantage is that you can design beautiful items that you can’t find anywhere else, so don’t waste more time and start making your own DIY rustic home decorations by following the steps we show you below.

    • If you want to express your love and fill your home with love, you can do so by creating a gorgeous rustic decoration that spells “LOVE”. You will need some pieces of wood or expanded polystyrene that you have to cut in the shape of the letters, or you can purchase paper mache letters that you will wrap in twine. Once you are done, attach some delicate felt flowers to the letters and you have a beautiful and simple rustic decoration.
    • Burlap is a must in most rustic decorations because nothing says “rustic” like this rudimentary and simple fabric and you can use it in many ways. You can make table runners, curtains, seat covers, you can wrap jars in it or you can even make Christmas decorations using burlap. Be bold and mix it with soft fabrics like lace or silk and create amazing combinations, like a vase made of a jar wrapped in some burlap mixed with white lace.
    • Some small wooden stumps can be turned into interesting candle holders without much work and with only some imagination. Take the stumps and cut a hole at one end where the candle will fit, then tie some twine around them to make them feel even more rustic. Place them on a wooden tray or on a piece of wood to make a table arrange that can become the centerpiece.
    • This idea of a rustic home decoration combines some the previous ideas into one that looks spectacular and has an elegant touch, being a great choice for a sophisticated family dinner or even a wedding. You will need some glasses either decorated with a chic wooden leg or you can attach the wooden legs yourself to a regular glass. Then, wrap some burlap around the glass, add some lace over it and tie it with a flower made of twine. The elegant touch is offered by the small pearls of the flowers and all you have to do is place some white candles inside the glass.