Reasons to invest in Bay View apartments


If you have in plan investing in real estate, then you should consider Brazil. It has the seventh largest economy in the world, and its beauty marvels people from the moment they arrive here. Many people consider it a great place to spend their holiday, live or invest in. This country has a safe political climate, colorful culture and magnificent natural beauty, so there is no question why people keep coming here. If you need an extra reason to invest in apartments for sale in Brazil, you should know that Brazil is part from BRICS. This means that it is one of the five Emerging Markets for secure investments, and many firms consider it a great place for doing business. The country’s economy has received a great boost during the last years, because it was the host of 2014 World Cup and of the 2016 Olympic Games. If you want to find more about the Bay View Projectos, here is all you need to know.

Why is Bay View Projetos a great investment?

Why do people now want to purchase an apartment on a Residential Resort on the Island of  Itaparica Brazil?

This project is to build a complex in a tranquil spot of the island, surrounded by sub-tropical environment. Also, the view from the complex will be outstanding, the residents will be able to admire the town of Mar Grande, and All Saints Bay with the skyline of Salvador in the distance. Brazil’s Government is not only willing but has already commuted government funds to improve the infrastructure of Salvador and the Bahia region,  this should be seen as an ideal opportunity by investors from different parts of the world. In addition, the young middle-class have demonstrated great results in both public and private sectors, so this is an extra reason to invest in this area. Moreover, if you are worried about transportation linking the island to the city, be advised that in 2016 there was an formal agreement signed between the Brazilian and the Chinese Governments to build a bridge to connect the island to Salvador. 

Should you be worried about title deeds?

In case you have considered this investment opportunity, then you have done some research and you have found that overseas investors can own freehold Property in Brazil and the great news is, that each investor receives their own clear title deed. You could always invest with the help of Bay View Projetos from London, They have plenty of experience in working with International Estate developments. 

After thoroughly researching  Brazil’s potential have since purchased land to develop.

Because they have bought land before 2010, they have since gained planning permissions and secured licenses to build luxury apartments on the island. The project is financed by the owners, private investors and with Banks and State government backing them, ensuring a safe investment. Richard Bowles is the owner and managing director of Bay View Projetos. He has great experience in international real estate and will share the information with ones interested in the project and other opportunities they can expect, when they invest in Brazil.