Prepare your house for when your loved one comes home from rehab

When you received the news that your loved one is ready to come home from rehab, you experienced a whirlwind of emotions. It is understandable that you feel both excited and worried now that they will come home, because you are afraid that they will relapse. You have been going through an emotional period the last months, because you redesigned your life in order to accommodate their treatment. But everyone in your place would be anxious about their return. It is important to not let stress affect you, it is important you to be proactive and in case issues will appear you to address them immediately. Here is how to prepare yourself and the house for the moment when they will return.

How to prepare the house?

Johnny Tabaie states that it is important to remove from your house any item that can trigger them the moments of addiction. You should do your best to prepare your house in such a way to remove the things that can remind them of the addiction they suffer. In this case you should check the house to see if there are medications, being them bought with a prescription or not and to take them out of the house. You should also hide or remove from the house alcohol bottles and any other substances that can trigger them the addiction.

It is advisable to prepare them a peaceful room, because they will need their own space to re-accommodate at home. It is advisable they to stay in the room with the most sunlight. For making the room cosier, you can take inside a potted plant. Make the space feel alive if you want to cheer them up.

Keep in mind that memories are triggered by physical aspects, so make sure that they consider the house appealing. For further directions it is advisable to talk with the experts from The Holistic Sanctuary, they will tell you exactly how to prepare the house for a person who is fighting an addiction.

How to prepare yourself?

It is quite easy to prepare the house if you follow the experts’ directions. The most difficult part is that you have to prepare yourself mentally for the moment when they will return home.

When they come home, it is important they to not feel pressed. You want to encourage them to get motivated to stay on track, but you should not pressure them.

You cannot predict their emotional behaviour, so you should not take things personally if they are not in a good mood from the first days of their return. There will be bad days and there will be good days, you have to be prepared for all of them.

If you want to help them deal with this situation, you should be open to communicate with them. It is important they to feel comfortable to communicate with you and to share their feelings and thoughts. They have to know that they can rely on you, if they need support.