Moving from a large house into a condo – making the most of your small living space

Making the decision to downsize is not easy, but if certain circumstances have led you to this point, you should now prepare for the challenges that might arise during your relocation transition. Because you will have far less space in a condo than you did in your previous house, you’ll have to learn how to make the most of a small space, and don’t actually compromising on your living quality. There are a few things that will enable you to make your condo just as comfortable and convenient as your old house, so keep reading to find out more:

Rent a storage unit

Do you have too many possessions to actually fit in your new apartment, but aren’t ready to give any of them up yet? The solution is simple, you just have to rent a storage unit and keep your stuff there until you can actually decide what to do with all of them. Instead of squeezing in all of your furniture items, decorations and other belongings into your small condo, and thus clutter the space and make it feel aesthetically unappealing, put some of them in a unit until you can get properly organized. This alternative is convenient and safe and it will buy you some more time to perhaps come up with another idea. And once you look up storage units near me on Google, you’ll also discover that this can actually be extremely affordable.

Resort to smart storage tricks

Storage will be the main problem you will confront yourself with, so knowing a few tricks could help you maximize the available space. One option many people going through a downsize opt for is to install ceiling mounted shelves. Because they don’t occupy any floor space, nor make the apartment seem cluttered, these shelves can be a great home addition, and they will provide you with far more storage capacity. Cabinets built into the wall are also a great solution. There are also cabinet inserts and closet supplies that give you the chance to benefit from every square inch of your storage spaces.

Create the illusion of a wider space

What you can actually do to make your new home seem less small, and give our condo their airy, spacious feel would be to install mirrors wherever you have the possibility to. These are known for creating the illusion of a wider space, so it’s definitely worth a short. The color paint you choose for your walls and the way you arrange your furniture can also play a role in this department.

Moving into a smaller home doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. You won’t have that much to clean anymore, your utility bills will be far more affordable and you get to decorate the place exactly the way you like. However, to not let your comfort be affected by this downsizing, you can resort to a few tricks as well. The ideas mentioned above are a few ideas at close reach, which you should consider – you’ll see how useful they can get.