Indoor Vertical Gardens that Can Spice Up Your Condo’s Design

If you live in a condo and you don’t have your own private outdoor space, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden. Make your condo truly spectacular, and add a green touch to it by reading this article about indoor vertical gardens that can spice up the design of your condo, and by applying what you find in it.

People who live in houses have an advantage that people who live in condos unfortunately don’t have, the advantage being that they have a garden which they can use to make a green heaven for themselves. Green walls, or indoor vertical gardens are the best way to spice up your condo, and they offer you the possibility of enjoying a green space, which all people who live in condos definitely desire. If you want to have your own indoor vertical garden in your condo, read the following lines and see which are the best ones to spice up the entire place.

Peace lily vertical garden

Lilies are beautiful flowers that light up any room they are placed in, and an indoor vertical garden that has pocket planters put in a straight line filled with Peace lilies is one of the best choices for any room you place them in. It’s extremely easy to take care of them, because they tolerate low humidity and low light, but it’s a shame not to offer these gorgeous plants the best conditions possible, especially because it’s not that big of a bother to do it. You can ensure them appropriate light no matter where you place them by simply using led grow lights, therefore you can have your indoor vertical garden on the wall of any room you want, no matter how much natural light it receives by using these lights.

Lipstick plant vertical garden

The gorgeous Lipstick plant is the ideal choice for any room, but their beauty can be seen best in rooms that have enough light for their stunning rich red flowers to be easily noticeable. They aren’t pretentious, accepting dry conditions with ease, and they can be planted in hanging baskets to form a vertical garden with them. Beside their stunning flowers, these plants have cascading leaves that are in a shiny green color, making them ideal to place on a wall that faces the dinner table, for example. This way, while you enjoy your meal you get to have a truly beautiful view.

Create a mix of plants

Instead of going for a single species of plants for your vertical garden, you could try planting a different type of plant in each hanging pocket, this way creating a spectacular indoor vertical garden. The best plants to use for this interesting mix are the before mentioned Peace lilies and Lipstick plants, and to them you can add Pothos, Crotons, Philodendrons, and even Dracaenas. Step away from the usual boring and calculated look, and by creating this mix of plants for your indoor vertical garden, you will definitely spice up any room that you place them in.