How to decorate a shared children’s room

You may remember the days when you shared your bedroom with your siblings, some memories are wonderful, but there were times when you would have preferred to stay alone in the room. Sharing a bedroom offers children the possibility to bond, and this is extremely important, especially if one of them is adopted. They will have a lot of fun together, and there will not take long for them to feel like they were always siblings. But it is your role to help them get along, and not be territorial when it comes to their room. You will have to make sure that the room will suit their needs when they will start living together. So before bringing an adopted child at home, you should repurpose the room.

You will have to double up everything

Even if they are children they still need privacy, so if you have enough space you should consider using a pocket door to divide the room, and create a private space for every one of them. Children should get their own bed, storage compartments, sheets, blankets and decorations.

Use bunk beds

In case you do not have enough space to design two private spaces, you should buy bunk beds. They are an amazing solution for maximising the space, when it comes to children’s room. In case you want to save some money, you should try to build them on your own.

Use neutral colours

In case you will have a boy and a girl, it is advisable to opt for neutral colours when you decorate and buy furniture items. The adoption agency will check the space where the child will live, so you have to make sure that they will feel comfortable from the first day, they become a family member. If you need assistance during the process you should click here, because you will find all the details you need.

Create a changeable art gallery

Hang frames on the walls, and let your children decide what works of art they want to use to decorate the walls. They can change them whenever they consider suitable. They can even paint them for themselves. It will make the space get its own personality.

Create a chalky wall

If you want your children to play around all day long, then you can create a chalkboard wall. It is a budget friendly decorative solution, and children have the possibility to change the drawings, as many times they want.

Give every one of them their own storage space

If you have plenty of space to organise the room as two separate space, you can use a room divider made from shelves. They can put everything they want on their part of the shelves, and it will offer them the needed privacy when they want to rest and not be bothered by the other one.

Install a swing

You should offer them all the things they need to have fun together in their room. You can hang a double swing on the ceiling, and you can be sure that they will spend the most of the time there. It is the perfect place where to read a book.