Elegant Massage Chairs that Can Be Integrated Into Your Home Decor

Massage chairs are popular items to have around the house, because no matter how old or young the members of your household are, you will all enjoy the relaxing massages it has to offer. Read this article to find out which are the most elegant massage chairs that can be easily integrated into your home decor, enjoying style and functionality with them.

A massage chair is a pretty large investment, therefore the model you pick has to go perfectly with the decor of the room you intend to place it in for you to be totally happy with the choice you made, because it doesn’t matter that the chair does a wonderful massage if it looks horrible in your home. Read the following lines to find out which are the best choices for elegant massage chairs that can be integrated easily into your home decor, and by choosing any of the models that we will describe, you are certain to enjoy style and functionality at its best.

Panasonic EP1285KL

The EP1285KL massage chair from Panasonic comes at the price of $2700, and it has a beautiful and simple design which goes perfectly with any room it’s set in.
What makes this elegant massage chair a perfect choice for any type of decor you might have in the room you intend to place it in is the fact that this luxury model has a beautiful and modern shape that gives it a clean and serious look, and it has detailed stitching and brushed aluminum accents that make it look even more spectacular.

In this Panasonic ep1285kl review, the expert editors from give this massage chair a great rating due to its excellent price to quality ratio. If you analyze that review you will see that with the Panasonic EP1285KL you can enjoy quality massage due to its 4 pre-set programs which include Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, Quick massage, and Chiro mode massage, and to the 8 manual operations it has to offer which include Compression, Full&Regional Roll, Knead, Tapping, Hawaiian, Soft Shiatsu, and Swedish. In addition, this massage chair has an Air Ottoman system which features a 14 airbag circulation system to ensure a complete lower body massage, and it can auto recline to 170 degrees, the auto recline being controlled manually, meaning that you can choose the position in which you feel most comfortable.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair might come at the spicy price of $9000, but it’s definitely one of the best massage chairs available, and it’s by far the most stylish and elegant model, being the ideal choice for any decor. If you can afford this magnificent massage chair, you definitely won’t regret having it at your disposal, not only due to what it has to offer, but due to the fact that it looks breath taking, and it adds class to any room it’s placed in. This model offers more massage coverage than any other massage chair available due to its 13 motors, 101 active air massage cells, and to the extended roller reach.

Another great feature of this massage chair is that it can be adjusted to the size of the body of the user, accommodating the height and body type perfectly. Other interesting and useful features of this model include the Shiatsu point locator, the full arm massage, the calves and feet Shiatsu, the 3-D massage, the neck and shoulder air massage, and the side press.