Do Infrared Saunas Have Any Health Benefits?

Health is the top priority for all of us as we know how important it is to maintain it in order to lead a long and happy life. If you’re a conscious person when it comes to your health and well-being, you have probably already heard that infrared saunas can do miracles for you. Read this article to find out exactly how this type of sauna can benefit you health-wise.

In a classic, traditional sauna, the environment in the room gets steamy and hot, making you sweat excessively. This environment can prove to be difficult to sit in for some people as the high temperature and the humidity doesn’t allow them to breathe normally, for some even provoking unpleasant side-effects such as dizziness and dehydration. In the modern times that we live in, there are many options to choose between regardless of the activity that we’re taking up. This is a valid statement even when it comes to sauna sessions as infrared saunas offer a more comfortable experience.

These saunas use infrared heaters that emit infrared light experienced as radiant heat, meaning that they don’t focus on warming up the atmosphere in the room but rather your body directly. This makes the infrared sauna a lot more effective and efficient at their task, benefiting the users in a direct manner while keeping the atmosphere pleasant, the air breathable, and the humidity levels normal. Better yet, you can even find portable saunas that use infrared heating and that work the same as their fixed counterparts but that provide the added benefit of mobility, being able to enjoy using them no matter where you are, even when you go on vacation.

6 Health Benefits that You Will Enjoy

The list of health benefits to be enjoyed due to using a high-quality infrared sauna surpass anyone’s expectations as there is no actual limitation to how your overall health will be boosted. Here, we will focus on the 6 major ways in which the sauna will help improve your health, these benefits actually stimulating a chain of positive changes in your body and on the way you feel.

    • #1 – Weight Loss

Probably the most famous health benefit that accompanies this experience is the fact that weight loss is stimulated, when combined with a proper diet and a healthy exercise schedule the sauna endorsing fast results when it comes to shedding the extra pounds and looking better. The effect of a sauna session on your weight is similar to the effect of running when it comes to your cardiovascular system. While you get to relax and unwind, your body will dramatically increase sweat production, it will pump blood at a more rapid pace, and your metabolism will increase, thus burning calories faster.

    • #2 – Detoxification

Another commonly known and highly important health benefit is the fact that you receive a healthy detox session when using the infrared sauna. It is able to aid your health in this way due to the fact that it stimulates the increase of your blood circulation and it effectively stimulates the sweat glands, thus encouraging the release of the toxins that accumulate in your body throughout the day. A daily use is actually recommended from this point of view as highly toxic metals and other types of organic and inorganic compounds become the guests of your body when you’re outdoors, at the office, and even at home.

    • #3 – Boost the Immune System

What you might not be aware of unless you’re a doctor or you have gained advanced knowledge about health during your life is the fact that when you have a fever or when your body becomes very hot, your body strengthens and accelerates the immune response in order to fight off the potential infection or health issue that’s threatening your health. As the immune response enhances, so does the immune system, becoming stronger with each “exercise”. Thus, a regular use of a sauna that features an infrared heater that focuses on directly heating your body and not the air around you ensures that your immune system will be strengthened considerably. This benefit combined with the elimination of toxins through excessive sweating increase your overall resistance to basically all types of diseases, guaranteeing a booted health.

    • #4 – Eased Joint Pain

Joint pain is something that we all dread as it’s unbearable and it renders us incapable of performing daily tasks because of the excruciating pain that comes along with doing them. The radiant heat that the infrared heater found in the sauna emits focalizes on the joints and other areas that are affected by all forms of arthritis, relieving the pain, stiffness, and soreness that you feel. This makes the sauna session an optimal at home treatment for muscle spasms, joint pain, joint stiffness, sprains, and other muscular-skeletal ailments.

    • #5 – Stress Relief

The number one disease that afflicts modern people is stress as it easily accumulates due to the chaotic lifestyles that we all lead. Stress isn’t a matter to joke around about as it can lead to depression and anxiety fast, making you change as a person completely and greatly affecting the state of your health. After a few minutes of being warmed up by the radiant heat, you will start to relax, thus slowly getting rid of the stress that it clouding your mind and affecting your well-being. Also, the production of serotonin is increased, so you will leave the sauna feeling happy and rejuvenated each and every time you use it.

    • #6 – Cellulite Reduction

An aesthetic issue that most women have and even some men are confronted with is the apparition of cellulite, the trapped fat that causes uneven dimplings on your skin. Due to the fact that the radiant heat warms your body directly, going deep into your skin tissues, it stimulates the reduction of cellulite, practically melting it away. For optimal results, we recommend that you combine the sauna sessions with a daily exercise routine and that you avoid eating unhealthy foods that contain high doses of sugar or fat.