Creating an inviting living room ambiance – design tips

Nowadays, a living room represents the most sacred space of a house considering the fact that most of your time is spent here. It is the only room in the house that’s entirely dedicated to relaxing and – at the same time – it’s the space where friends and family always gather together. This is the reason why you might want to put in all the effort to design this room beautifully, so that you create an inviting and warm ambiance for whoever enters it.

There is no secret that the way our house is designed mirrors our preferences and personalities. Each detail that you include in your home’s design tells something about you. From the log burner you select to the colour palette you prefer, everything acts like a map to discovering your true identity. This article is meant to offer you some design tips for obtaining the most comfortable ambiance for your living room. Follow these tips and the outcome will surely be the one you expect.

Choose a style

Before getting to work, you have to choose and respect a certain design style. Without doing this, the result is going to be a mess. Stick with one single style and choose the furniture and decor elements accordingly. Some of the styles you can select are:

  • Contemporary – A contemporary living room is all about neuters, ambient light, and boxy lines. Add a shapely fireplace to the picture and you’re set.
  • Modern – Who wouldn’t enjoy the coziness and simplicity of a modern living room? Edgeless furniture, high-tech devices, modern log burners – sounds like the picture-perfect living room.
  • Mid-century – If you want to bond with nature and feel the connection to the outsides, a mid-century living room could be the best option for you.
  • Cottage – The warmest ambiance you can create is by following the principles of a cottage living room – natural materials, simplicity and fewer decoration items.
  • Rustic – If sipping your tea next to a log burner and being surrounded by wood and natural stone sounds good to you, then a rustic living room should do the job.
  • Mediterranean – Do you like open spaces, a lot of natural light and bright colour palettes? This is what Mediterranean design is all about.

Furniture for conversation and interaction

Remember that the sole purpose of a living room is to bring people together, so you need to encourage conversation and interaction between them. The furniture you choose can help you with that. Create an open space and arrange seating pieces so that people can easily communicate with each other. If your living room is smaller, you can try focusing on one single conversational space, while if you have enough space to play around, you can separate it into multiple conversational spaces for achieving a more intimate feeling. Invest in comfy chairs and ottomans for easy transition between conversational spaces. Once you respect this one criterion, the ambiance in your living room will be as welcoming as ever.