Choosing a roof 101 – design and utility


Choosing a house design is one thing but it comes to matching the roof, which is mostly a protection component of your house, with the rest is a task no one can complete without a little bit of help. Firstly, you should know that there are several types of roofs with different textures, colours and materials. Even though it might sound weird considering that a roof is specially created for protecting your house from bad weather conditions and for safety in general, you can choose a roof following design characteristics too. Tri-County Enterprises offers information about this topic and you can also check out their product offers. All you have to do is analyse what you already got – or, if that’s your situation – decide what you want to achieve for your brand new house and start selecting the best roofing option. Here are some roof types you will want to know about:


·        Budget

The asphalt shingle roof is usually not that expensive at first, but once time passes by and damage starts to be visible the owner will be required to invest more than the initial budget allocated to buying this roof. The materials are affordable and so is the installation specialist.

·        Resistance

When talking about how much does the shingle roof will resist in time the answers are really variable. Some clients say that the roof is resistant and it can go up to thirty years without any kind of modifications, but others say that this roof will resist no longer than ten years with proper care and periodical investments.

·        Weather

In terms of how well the shingle roof reacts to weather changes is relative. Usually, this type of roof is recommended because it keeps heat in during the cold season but it has a major downgrade in case you are not a fan of air conditioning: during summer, the heat the shingles keeps is unbearable.

·        Looks

You can choose between several types of shingles, along with colour types which makes it quite appropriate in terms of design flexibility. After finding your exterior colour scheme, you can choose the type of roof too, keeping in mind its utility too.  


·         Budget

A steel roof has higher costs when it comes to the initial investment, but once time passes you won’t have to allow more of your budget towards repairing it.

·         Resistance

As mentioned above, being a lot more expensive than a shingle roof, a steel roof will resist up to 50 years without any kind of problem.

·        Weather

This type of roof is appropriate for both seasons, but during winter you might experience a cold temperature. During summer, you won’t have to worry about being too hot in your home. This type of roofing keeps homes chill while it’s too hot outside.

·         Looks

Steel roofs are much more various in terms of colour choice than shingle roofs. You can request colour samples and find your inspiration in the paint type you chose for your house exterior.